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Artist and art educator, Amy Jackson, has created a variety of methods to share the art experience, both in the classroom and in the great outdoors. Her unique art and insightful art experience are detailed below.

Plein-Air Art Experience

Using hands-on, active discovery and exploration, Amy takes her students into breathtaking environments. In the elements, each student is individually instructed to capture the world around them on canvas. The plein-air art experiences range from the seaside cliffs of Laguna Beach to the meadows of southern France, and empowers the artist within us all. Join the next adventure! 

Art Studio Education

Amy's creative art programming transforms the classroom atmosphere into an artist studio. Recognized by the Orange County Department of Education as one of the best art teachers in the County, Amy encourages a love of art, appreciation of classic artists, and innovation.  Students embrace the creative process, learning as they explore art materials and take ideas from within and bringing them into existence.

Art Studio Mission


To enhance the lives of others by creating a rich learning experience that ignites imaginations and leads to the discovery of unique creativities, talents and abilities."

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